BB’s Boutique is BACK!!!

This is Daddy’s and my absolute FAVORITE Body Massage Oil!!  The Organic French Lavender Body Massage Oil by Mulleins & Sparrow is in stock & available for immediate delivery at  

Did I mention that it’s ON SALE for only $9.99 + S/H??  Get your bottle now before they’re all sold out and gone forever.  Only 5 bottles left of this silky smooth, never greasy, Organic Lavender Massage Oil 💖

~Beautifully Broken~
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Review of Dragon/Cat/Vampire Claws from Wish

I saw these online somewhere last year.  I researched and posted about the use of the Claws for sensory play.  Since my Dom was just as intrigued by the idea as I was, onto The List they went.  And on The List they sat.  About a week ago, I was browsing on the Wish app.  I’ve found if you get creative with your keywords and description turn of phrase when searching, a whole wealth of insanely low cost BDSM props and implements are suddenly at your virtual fingertips and only a few clicks away from going into your personal toy box.

I purchased a set of 10, listed in various sizes, for $4.70 with a $2 shipping fee.  They arrived in less than two weeks.  I had originally thought I would use these Claws as the top in a sensory play scene with Daddy.  I suppose that can still happen someday…because I was dominated with them instead.

The Claws are made of a nondescript silver metal alloy.  I don’t know if prolonged use will cause irritation or discoloration on the wearer’s fingertips but I can’t imagine they could be worn comfortably for more than and hour or so.  The sizing of each ring is uniquely graduated, some fitting over the fingers just up to the nail bed better than others on Daddy, but none were unpleasant to wear.  I can only wear the small and the large sizes meant for the thumb and the pinky.  The medium size slipped completely down my finger like a ring.  They can always be sized down by wrapping the back of the band with a clear piece of tape.

The Black crystals are purely for decoration as they do sparkle in the light.  The points of the Claws are not sharpened but they aren’t blunted either.  They don’t leave scratch marks on the skin, even when more than moderate pressure is applied but they do press into the skin and grab on to pressure points and around bones.  With enough force, I do believe that the skin could be very painfully punctured (but we don’t puncture the skin when we play, even in scenes where obtaining blood is the goal).

It was an amazing scene, like tickling turned into sensation play that amped up into “dry” (bloodless) vampire/primal play and then somehow turned into a lesson in orgasm control.  The possibilities of creating various sensations while using these Claws are really only limited by imagination and comfort zone.  If you’re into any type of the scenes listed above, dark fantasy cosplay  or if you just like Gothic jewelry, I highly recommend checking out these little gems.

Wish currently offers the following selections in various colors from several different merchants:

*single piece, listed as small, medium and large $1

*sets of five, listed as one size fits all, 1 small, 3 medium And 1 large with measurements $7

*sets of ten, listed as one size fits all, 2 small, 6 medium and 2 large with measurements $5

~Beautifully Broken~

Review of Jenny Howard Corset From Wish

On September 10, 2016, I purchased this black faux leather and Steampunk-inspired brocade corset from the store Jenny Howard on the app.  These five screenshots are from the Wish app.

From the front…

From the side…

From the back…

Sizing Chart…

I placed an order for an XXL, instantly regretted my decision, deleted and cancelled the order and then purchased an XL.  I didn’t know at the time if the charge for the first purchase would even make it to my credit card or not.  Wish Customer Service replied to my messages promptly and reassured me that if the charge did appear, it would be removed within 5-10 days.  I was informed I would recieve my XL corset between October 5 and October 17.

I received the corset on Monday, September 26, 2016.  It’s beautiful.  The faux leather is good quality.  The stitching is neat and finished on the black brocade.  The metal embellishments are all polished and sturdily secured.  There was only one thing wrong with it.

It doesn’t fit.  Like, not even close.  And it was all my fault, not Jenny Howard’s.

I had initially misread the Sizing Chart when ordering.  This XL is for a US size 8 with a 34 inch bust.  I knew that even the XXL I had originally ordered, at a US size 10 with a 36 inch bust, wouldn’t even have fit.  Unfortunately for me, XXL is largest size available for this particular style of corset (although some of Jenny Howard’s corset styles are sized all the way up to a 6XL).  My bust is a 40-42, depending on the cut and manufractured of the clothing.  It wasn’t going to happen, not even in a 2XL.  Not at all.  Nope.  Especially since the corset is sized when it is already laced open at 4 inches so the corset has to fit  perfectly. 

I was really upset that I couldn’t wear this beautiful piece but I contacted Wish Customer Service once again, this time, to learn about their return process, as I knew I could return within 30 days, per Wish policy.  I received a response right away.  I was informed that not only would my order be completely refunded within 5-7 days to my card, but also that I did not need return the corset to Jenny Howard at Wish and would I please keep it as their apology for my experience.

I have to admit, I was floored.  I would have never expected or even thought to ask for anything like that as a customer who was in the wrong.  I was fully prepared to send it back to Jenny Howard/Wish.  I thought *maybe* they’d have offered to send out a free shipping label or something but I NEVER expected to be instructed to keep the item and recieve a full refund.  I’ve never experienced such exemplary Customer Service Support with any company, anywhere, ever.  I cannot say enough good things about Jenny Howard and Wish.

~Beautifully Broken~