12 Piece Beginner’s Cupping Set for $21.99 +S/H


One of the perks of merchandising all of these awesome BDSM-related items is that my Daddy and I get to experiment with everything I’m selling…for quality control 😜

This weekend, I won’t be online posting very much because Daddy and I are getting away for Halloween weekend in NYC.  We haven’t participated in a cupping scene in over a year and we’re waaaaaay overdue.  We’re both extremely excited to play with our new 6 & 12 Piece Beginner’s Cupping Set!!

The set contains 6-12 plastic cups, one hand-held pump, one piece of connection tubing and one replacement coupling piece.  The 12 cups come in 6 different graduated sizes and there are 2 of each size.  This set is VERY easy to use and is an excellent sensory play scene prop.

Feeling the cups attached onto your skin is very peaceful and extremely sensual.  The suction strength these cups provide is controlled by the hand-held pump and can be tailored to personal preferences.  When you’re ready to finish the scene, simply lift the release valve on the top of the cup to break the suction.

After the Cupping scene, the reciever is left with delicious round bruises on their skin, which can take days to fade, if the suction is strong enough.  Again, this depends on the preferences of the user/receiver.

This 12 Piece Beginner’s Cupping Set is excellent quality and because the cups are made of plastic instead of glass, the cost of the complete set is much more affordable than many other cupping sets.  This truly is the perfect set for those new to the sensation of cupping!!

To order your 12 Piece Beginner’s Cupping Set, just shoot me an email at beautifullybrokensubmissive@gmail.com with your shipping information so I can calculate the shipping costs for your Custom Purchase Invoice and I’ll get this sent out to you in just a few weeks.  You’re absolutely gonna love it!!

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~Beautifully Broken~

Review of Jenny Howard Corset From Wish

On September 10, 2016, I purchased this black faux leather and Steampunk-inspired brocade corset from the store Jenny Howard on the http://www.wish.com app.  These five screenshots are from the Wish app.

From the front…

From the side…

From the back…

Sizing Chart…

I placed an order for an XXL, instantly regretted my decision, deleted and cancelled the order and then purchased an XL.  I didn’t know at the time if the charge for the first purchase would even make it to my credit card or not.  Wish Customer Service replied to my messages promptly and reassured me that if the charge did appear, it would be removed within 5-10 days.  I was informed I would recieve my XL corset between October 5 and October 17.

I received the corset on Monday, September 26, 2016.  It’s beautiful.  The faux leather is good quality.  The stitching is neat and finished on the black brocade.  The metal embellishments are all polished and sturdily secured.  There was only one thing wrong with it.

It doesn’t fit.  Like, not even close.  And it was all my fault, not Jenny Howard’s.

I had initially misread the Sizing Chart when ordering.  This XL is for a US size 8 with a 34 inch bust.  I knew that even the XXL I had originally ordered, at a US size 10 with a 36 inch bust, wouldn’t even have fit.  Unfortunately for me, XXL is largest size available for this particular style of corset (although some of Jenny Howard’s corset styles are sized all the way up to a 6XL).  My bust is a 40-42, depending on the cut and manufractured of the clothing.  It wasn’t going to happen, not even in a 2XL.  Not at all.  Nope.  Especially since the corset is sized when it is already laced open at 4 inches so the corset has to fit  perfectly. 

I was really upset that I couldn’t wear this beautiful piece but I contacted Wish Customer Service once again, this time, to learn about their return process, as I knew I could return within 30 days, per Wish policy.  I received a response right away.  I was informed that not only would my order be completely refunded within 5-7 days to my card, but also that I did not need return the corset to Jenny Howard at Wish and would I please keep it as their apology for my experience.

I have to admit, I was floored.  I would have never expected or even thought to ask for anything like that as a customer who was in the wrong.  I was fully prepared to send it back to Jenny Howard/Wish.  I thought *maybe* they’d have offered to send out a free shipping label or something but I NEVER expected to be instructed to keep the item and recieve a full refund.  I’ve never experienced such exemplary Customer Service Support with any company, anywhere, ever.  I cannot say enough good things about Jenny Howard and Wish.

~Beautifully Broken~