Emotional Anchoring With Words And Phrases


*Originally written and posted on Facebook on September 6, 2015

Words are very powerful. I posted about “Noun Sex” and “Hot Button Word(s)/Phrases” the other day and the intensely positive effects they can have within a dynamic, especially in regards to sexual arousal, orgasm restrictions and orgasm training. Such words and phrases are the catalyst for the creation of an emotional and psychological process called “anchoring”.

Anchoring is the result of a socio-emotional connection that is facilitated by the repeated use of key word(s) and/or phrase(s) that promote a feeling of connection and closeness within a relationship or family group. The repeated use of such word(s) create and reinforce the positive feelings that bond the parties within a dynamic to each other.  Every time the word(s) or phrase is repeated, new positive memories and feelings are created and built upon, thus reinforcing the original feelings of connection and closeness and enhancing them.

In our dynamic, my Daddy will say the phrase, “Oh, it’s so cute that you think you have a choice”, and do a very sexy (I think) and slightly Sadistic chuckle when I’m being nervously resistant to a new command or when I’m being playful and teasing Him about completing my tasks or chores. When He says this, i get a very warm feeling throughout my body. Not a sexual feeling necessarily, but a feeling of being owned, safe, loved and cared for…and that’s the result of anchoring.

Are there any words and phrases that are used as anchors within your dynamic? Mind you, NOT examples of the “noun sex” or “hot button” words or phrases that are used in purely sexual situations…such as “good girl” or “My slut”, etc…but the every day sayings that make you feel owned (for submissives) or in control (for Dominants). If so, which words are part of your dynamics’ anchoring process?

~Beautifully Broken~

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