The 2 Hour Rule

Last year, i learned a wonderful lesson about self control, self awareness and personal responsibility.  A very wise Dom friend taught it to a very powerful sub friend and she passed it on to me.  It is called The Two Hour Rule.

The Two Hour Rule is very simple.  If you are upset, you do NOT post anything about it on social media right away.  Instead, wait two hours and allow yourself to calm down before inviting the world into your drama.  

For one thing, most people don’t really care and for another, the ones that do care only care because it gives them ammunition to use against you.  

If after two hours you still want to post it, wait another two hours.  If after four hours you STILL want to post it, find a trusted friend with whom you can speak in confidence. 

In short, don’t blast yourself, your friends, family and dynamic all over the internet.

The 2 Hour Rule has been INVALUABLE to me as i am learning to become a more self aware and obedient submissive.  What do you think about this rule?  What are your thoughts about airing your personal business on social media in general?

~Beautifully Broken~


2 thoughts on “The 2 Hour Rule

  1. Lame,
    Fuck your double life and lack of respect no communication having ass unless talking shit or having with or about anyone to gain an upper hand or to get emotional attachment and supportively and replacing with what was or act out what was discussed with whoever


  2. Very wise DOM and friend! I don’t have any social media accounts personally and wordpress is the only online anything I do …

    Posts that I might consider ‘questionable’ are first read by my husband/Sir and generally kept as drafts for a few days before deciding to post or not. There have been times I felt the need to speak up about something but I wouldn’t consider my writings as ‘dirty laundry’. 😀 At least I don’t think so … LOL

    I personally think the way I act and what I say says more about *me* then the person I would be talking about.


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